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Raze Unblocked

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razeunblockedAre you ready for the portent cocktail of zombies, aliens, robots, and madness in a single game? Here comes Raze Unblocked. Raze is an exciting shooters game as far as flash games are concerned. Raze Unblocked is an unblocked of the game series. The game is about you, Raze, being in total control over the protection of a futuristic earth that has been turned into blooming ruins. The main goals of Raze Unblocked game is to stop the aliens onslaught and zombies hell-bent on destroying the planet.

You will be enlisted and expected to express the best of your abilities with weaponry. You will also be provided with armor and other special abilities. Through the game, you will find ample opportunities to advance your skills, arms, and armor. This way, you will get the feel of the many astonishing ways of killing enemies crossing your path. Nonetheless, as a sophisticated killing machine, you will be loose in alien filled battlefields, meaning anything can happen. The game modes and levels are very interesting. First of all, visit our website, since this is an online game and have fun for free. The game offers 15 excruciating levels but the later ones need more flair. You will need to unlock the alien campaign after the man campaign. There are different match modes and maps you can select at the bottom left of the screen. You can choose the difficulty level of your liking and the number of bots to play with. At the bottom right, select the daily challenge that you can play with friends and win prizes. You can also modify your hero and get a kill bonus after gaining 35 points. You have 29 trophies to unlock throughout the game. You can easily controle the game Raze Unblocked by using the arrow keys to move around the map, or the secondary keys W, A, S, and D. The space bar, arrow up or W, are for jumping. You can double jump by pressing any of the keys in quick succession. Click the left mouse button to shoot. To kill an enemy, place the mouse cursor on the targeted enemy, it is until then that you will be able to execute the enemy. You can select a weapon by pressing its number, Q and E or Shift+ Enter. You can defend yourself against rockets with F, pause with P or Ctrl, and view scores statistics with the Tab.

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